ISIF Leaders Summit in Lithuania

12/03/2011 and 13/03/2011 in Lithuania took place European Summit of ISIF Leaders.

Two official sessions of the Summit took place in the conference hall of Radisson SAS Astorija Hotel located in the heart of the Old Town included in UNESCO list of cultural heritage.

ISIF Representatives from Europe, Baltic States and CIS participated at the Summit.

Participants of the Summit enjoyed the Healthy Breakfast with ISIFFitness products, learned the latest news of the Company and received training from the Leaders of the Company and ISIF’s Development Director Ben Hewitt.


Presentation of ISIFFitness in Jordan

From 04/02/2011 till 11/02/2011 in Jordan took place the ISIF International Summit devoted to the launch of ISIFFitness product line.

The program of the Summit included: degustation of ISIFFitness products, lectures on healthy nutrition, jogging, sport games, and acquaintance with the Oxysize program, which is known as a health and weight loss program that involves proper breathing to not only help people lose weight, but supposedly work as an exercise, giving people more tone bodies and helping their health improve immensely without pills or dieting.


Presentation of the ISIFFitness launch in Vilnius

23/01/2011 in Vilnius took place a closed presentation of the launch of a new line of ISIFFitness products for Company Leaders.

The conference was attended by 70 ISIF Representatives from Russia, CIS and Europe.

Participants of the conference were the first to learn about a new line of products ISIFFitness and could themselves taste first examples of the ISIFFitness products, enriched with valuable protein, wholesome carbohydrates, essential vitamins and minerals.