Quick Breakfast

Sooner or later, everyone thinks about proper nutrition. But sooner is better than later. Or: Better late than never.

Breakfast — is an important component of a proper diet. Today, it is understood by many. But not everyone understands it. Volumes have been written on the importance of breakfast. But, still, many of us wake up and are limited to a cup of coffee or go without the morning "recharge". The result is stress, illness, physical and mental overload, and weight problems.

Unfortunately, these facts have a scientific justification. Thus, specialists of the American Diabetic Association, after 10 years of research into nutrition in which more than 10,000 respondents participated made the following conclusions:

  • first, the metabolic processes of people who eat breakfast were 3-4 times faster and consequently, the rate of calorie use was higher;
  • second, skipping breakfast contributes to weight gain (from 4 to 7 kg per year);
  • third, breakfast helps your body cope with stress, physical fatigue, stimulates thought processes, etc.

These scientific arguments can be supplemented by household observations available for each of us: Breakfast fills the human body with energy, gives vigor and reduces the temptation eat the first available thing.

The morning meal should fill the human body with essential nutrients. A proper breakfast contains sufficient protein, gives a feeling of fullness, removes the feeling of hunger, provides energy, as well as a balanced amount of carbohydrates and fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients.

With the pace of modern life, when every minute of morning time is worth "its weight in gold", the fact that breakfast happens is an achievement. And to achieve the ideal ratio of dietary balance and good nutrition in such conditions is almost impossible. Or at least, it’s very difficult. We must not forget that breakfast should be healthy and tasty. What should you make?

Solve the problem of proper breakfast, with the range of the ISIFFitness products, designed specifically for us to live a rich and healthy life.

Pleasant-tasting nutritious ISIFFitness shake is a valuable breakfast that combines the required quantity of proteins, healthy carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, biotin, lipids, and fiber. It has all the components of healthy food which allow you to control weight and maintain the tone of your body, while the preparation of the drinks requires minimum time. The shake is available in portion packs, which lets you take it with you on the journey from the office to the country. Yes, anywhere!

The ISIFFitness shakes. There are three kinds: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, giving you a choice of the drink that is best suited to your taste. To prepare the morning shake portion you need milk (no higher than 1.5% fat) and fruit (if desired). Before or after drinking the shake it is recommended to drink a glass of water, which enhances the effect of saturation. One serving of strawberry shake (250 ml) contains only 220 calories and a total fat content of less than 4 grams.

One serving of the shake provides a feeling of fullness for at least a few hours before a snack or lunch. Also, as a snack you can have the nutritious ISIFFitness dessert with green tea or a glass of diet carbonated drink. Or allow yourself fruit. This breakfast guarantees excellent health and gives a charge of energy for the entire day!

Remember: regular breakfast is the first step towards health, longevity and beauty. Enjoy your meal!