The Overweight and Smokers Age Faster

Did you know that overweight people and smokers cost the state less than those leading a healthy lifestyle? Why? Lives of smokers and overweight people are much shorter than the slim and non-smokers. Hence the cost is less.

This is the conclusion of experts of the Netherlands National Institute of Health and Environment. They calculated the total health care costs of thousands of its citizens, supporters of a healthy lifestyle and thousands of smokers and overweight. It was found that from 20 to 56 years old the overweight and smokers were treated more frequently and received more treatment. But due to their low life expectancy, their total cost to the health care system is less!

In monetary terms, it looks like this: the European health care costs for a person leading a healthy lifestyle costs the treasury 307,000 euros, an overweight person, 273,000 euros, and a smoker, 240,000.

It becomes incredibly sad when you realize that in this case, savings are achieved at the expense of unlived years of the overweight and smokers… Who needs such savings? Definitely not those who love to drag on a cigarette. And not those who are too careless to look after their figure!

Obesity and tobacco. What do they have in common?

It has long been noted that overweight people and smokers age faster. But why? What is going on?

Both categories of people have a similar problem — the rapid shortening of telomeres. Consisting of DNA, telomeres are located at the ends of chromosomes. As cells divide they get shorter. When telomeres become very small, the cell stops dividing and dies. This is our body aging.

This process is nature. However, there are several factors that accelerate the destruction of the telomere. It is clear that being overweight and smoking contribute to the emergence of various diseases: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.
But as it turned out, they also affect our bodies at the cellular level.

Experts at the London Institute of Research in the field of genetics have studied the relationship between obesity, addiction to smoking, and telomere size. During the experiment over 1000 women were surveyed. Scientists have once again confirmed the already known fact that with age, telomeres become shorter. It was also found for certain: in slim women telomeres are longer than those of the overweight, and smokers are shorter than non-smokers.

Researchers believe that the perpetrators of the destruction of telomeres may be the environment, and a sedentary lifestyle, and some other factors. But the main reason is the food that people have elevated to the rank of worship, and bad habits which have subordinated the mind and body of modern man.

In America, employers do not like overweight people and smokers

According to the poll conducted by Service Gallup, U.S., 25% of personnel officers refuse to hire smokers, and 20% refuse overweight people. This is due to the fact that smokers and overweight workers get sick more often; hence, the companies spend more on health insurance.

It is believed that overweight staff is bad for the company’s image. Interestingly, even McDonald’s, whom many are ready to call responsible for the increase in the number of overweight people, tries not to employ those with excess weight. Some U.S. companies have radically solved the problem of smoking and excess weight: smokers and overweight people are given a reduced salary.

Who in Europe is the more restrained?

The UK hits the record for the biggest body mass index (hereinafter, BMI) among women living in Western Europe. The average weight of an Englishwoman in the past 20 years has increased by 7 kg (BMI increased from 24.2 to 26.9). The residents of England are ahead, in terms of obesity, of Spanish women, Italians and German women. The characteristically plump Italians have lost weight in recent years. Their BMI is less than 24.8, the same as French women. Only residents of Switzerland weigh less.

In general, Europeans have changed their attitude towards a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. They have already achieved some results: the inhabitants of Europe have observed a reduction in cholesterol and blood pressure.

Clearly, the two disasters — smoking and obesity — poison our lives. They must be eliminated. And the sooner
the better.

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