The healthy diet formula

Do you have a packed schedule with no time to make a great breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Are you used to eating on the go?

Maybe you have some weight issues that you’ve been dreaming of sorting out?

Or do you play sports and need an extra dose of quality protein and carbohydrates?

Do you want to spend less time cooking but still get in all the best and healthiest food?

Is it important for you that food gives you energy and acts as a key to longevity?

Then ISIFFitness is just what you’ve been looking for!

Protein + great taste = the key to a perfect diet

Our food products are designed to solve the problems listed above, and one of the secrets of success behind them is in the unique understanding of the function of protein, based on the long-term research carried out by Bariatrix. Add to this the great taste of protein-rich food! If you have ever tried protein in its pure, unmixed form, you’ll understand how important taste is!

We know that when a person loses or gains weight, or experiences physical and mental stress, the body needs proteins and carbohydrates.

Thanks to the innovative use of protein in high-grade food products, we have a tasty and healthy product.

Speed = quality

A lot of people suffer from excess weight because of a sedentary lifestyle and too much fatty food, like fast food.

But people are looking for easy food that saves time in a packed and dynamic modern-day lifestyle. At the same time, we all want to look great, have plenty of energy and feel healthy.

If you plan on sticking to healthy eating or a diet, then you need top-quality foods. These foods should not just give your body all the nutrients it needs, as well as be tasty and low in ‘bad’ carbohydrates, but also be easy to prepare and eat.

ISIFFitness food products meet all these criteria. No longer will you need to aimlessly wander around supermarket isles looking for healthy food. No more scratching your head wondering what is missing from that salad or what makes up a healthy and delicious breakfast. What you need is all the right, healthy ingredients without having to drag big shopping bags home. ISIFFitness foods are the right size and have the right amount of balanced, healthy ingredients.

As for cooking the ISIFFitness food products, things couldn’t be easier or quicker! All you need to do is add milk to your ISIFFitness shake and that’s it. Our soups can be heated up in a microwave. If you really don’t feel like cooking, then you can snack on one of our nutritious desert bars.

Approved by professionals

The food products designed and made by Bariatrix for ISIFFitness are the ‘gold’ standard of quality, made for people that care about their health and getting balanced meals.

Who will benefit from ISIFFitness products?

  1. Success in life, to a large extent, depends on self confidence. Therefore, it is very important to be happy with the way you look and not keep thinking about whether you’re over or under weight. If you want to gain or lose weight, smile at the reflection you see in the mirror, go out and buy a new swimming costume or look great at a party or important business meeting, then ISIFFitness is what you need!
  2. You have a full schedule and understand that grabbing a quick bite or business lunch in between meetings is unsatisfying and just no good. You want to have more time and more energy because for you it’s important to meet and break your targets for the day, but with this you experience quite a bit of stress. This is where you need our products.
  3. You play sports or are into fitness. You’re working for new personal bests and care about what you eat. You want every morsel of food to be of use, give you energy and bring you closer to your goal. ISIFFitness products are for you.
  4. If you have a calm and relaxed pace of life, spend a large part of the day at home or in the office, but at the same time you really want to be in great shape and not gain any extra pounds — then our product is for you.
  5. You watch your health and are attentive to your life style. If the most important thing for you is longevity and health, with attention to innovations and new ideas, then ISIFFitness is made for you.