Our quality of life depends directly on what we eat

Why can just a small portion of people on this earth boast of fantastic health, high energy levels and an ideal weight? The thing is, apart from having the right lifestyle, these people also eat properly-balanced portions.

If you compare your body to a car, you can understand that ‘health’ and lifespan don’t just depend on maintenance, but also on the quality of the fuel you use. Most people are very careful with their cars when they first get them and there’s no way that they would use some kind of wrong or harmful fuel on purpose. This is the kind of care you should take with your body because it relates to the quality and length of your life — of which you have only one.

In fact, more than 1000 years ago, the great Avicenna was writing about this.

In one of his works he wrote: «Excessive consumption of dry foodstuffs causes a loss of strength, spoils the colour of the face and erodes our being’s essence. An excess of fat causes sluggishness and a loss of appetite. Continuous consumption of acidy foods leads to decrepitude, whereas continuous consumption of spicy or salty foods can harm the stomach and eyes."

Hundreds of years have passed, and yet, these words are still relevant today.

ISIFFitness offers you six dietary programs using our line of products:

  • «Base program» allows you to get in shape, feel good and be energetic throughout the day

  • «Health and Longevity» is aimed at maintaining a good physical shape, feeling healthy and restoring energy levels. This is necessary in order to live healthy and fulfilling lives

  • «Weight-Loss» — a healthy diet that allows you to lose weight comfortably and stress-free

  • «Weight-Gain» — to gain weight using ISIFFitness products, which are enriched with the necessary healthy substances

  • «Weight-Control» — the solution for maintaining a stable weight without gaining or losing anything, as well as learning to eat properly

  • «Sports and Fitness» — with this program you can quickly achieve the desired results

All of our programs will help you have a good diet, healthy and balanced.

Good eating habits and a balanced diet that is made up of all the nutrients we need is the best investment you can make into your healthy lifestyle and longevity. It is important to understand that food shouldn’t just serve as a means to fight off hunger. Our food should be healthy and should not just help us be healthy and beautiful, but also increase our physical and mental abilities.