According to U.S. researchers, potato chips consumed during childhood
can cause breast cancer in adult women

Do you know what a mixture of fat and carbohydrates with a mass of artificial colors and flavors is? It’s potato chips, a favorite delicacy of our children…

As one of the most popular edible products, potato chips are consumed in large quantities throughout the world by adults and children. Golden potato or corn discs are so nice and crunchy and they satisfy hunger so wonderfully! However, when buying the bright bags for your child or yourself, you must clearly understand that potato chips cause significant harm to our health. Why? There are many causes.

What is "hidden" in potato chips?

Besides fat, carbohydrates, artificial colors and flavors, potato chips can "brag" about a large number of carcinogens, which, as if now known by researchers without a doubt, can cause cancer.

Hydrogenated fats (saturated fats derived from processing vegetable oil with hydrogen, used for making potato chips, French fries and other junk food in order to reduce the cost of production) increase the level of "bad" cholesterol that promotes heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

A shocking statistic: if a small bag of potato chips is eaten daily for a year, this equates to 5 liters of sunflower oil (about 45,000 kcal). Such data have recently been published by British doctors and nutritionists. Imagine how many extra pounds can "leak" from a tiny package of crisps?

What does science say?

Several decades of work by Harvard Medical School scientists, involving about 80,000 volunteers, shows the link between consumption of certain foods and the development of various diseases. The producers of potato chips do not like the results of these investigations: it was found that the risk of breast cancer in adult women increases in direct proportion to the number of potato chips eaten during childhood.

Conclusions about the relationship of potato chips and breast cancer were based on information from 582 patients and 1,569 healthy women. Researchers interviewed relatives of the subjects to determine what foods they had eaten as girls aged 3 to 5 years. The collected data were analyzed by experts and communicated to the public: eating potato chips only once per week increases the risk of breast cancer by 27%.

Doctors found that fats consumed in large amounts during childhood are activated in the mammary glands of girls and could potentially lead to cancer. There is no danger in potatoes themselves, but rather the way they are processed (toasting the product in a saturated fatty acid oil + artificial additives) is fraught with great danger to human health.

"The fat hangover", or how potato chips affect the brain

Researchers have found that in addition to obesity, heart attacks, diabetes and other "charms", potato chips, as well as other junk food, can be addictive, which makes them comparable to a drug.

But that’s not all! Specialists from the University of Oxford conducted experiments on rats and showed that potato chips are bad for the brain. First, rodents were fed a high fat content diet similar to that used for cooking potato chips and junk food. The test animals had a diet consisting of 55% of this. After 10 days of this diet the rats weakened, became less attentive, and poorly performed basic tasks. Scientists call this effect the "fat hangover".

The second group of rats was fed food with fat content of 7.5%. A few days later the animals showed vital signs improved by 1.5 times. Scientists’ explanation is that their study clearly shows that food has a direct effect on the brain and overall health.

There is acrylamide in potato chips. And we eat this?

Scientists at Stockholm University have found acrylamide in potato chips and other foods cooked in deep fat, which is formed by heat treatment (120˚C and above) of starchy foods. Why does this happen? Foods containing starch are rich in the amino acid asparagine. Under the influence of temperature it becomes the notorious acrylamide.

For your information, acrylamide is a chemical used to manufacture the popular polymer polyacrylamide. Acrylamide is used for the production of adhesives, paints, resins and varnishes. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies acrylamide as a "substance possibly having carcinogenic effect." According to scientists, it is likely that this substance can cause mutations and cancer. Such conclusions are based on studies conducted on animals.

When U.S. scientists proved the presence of acrylamide in potato chips and its ability to cause cancer, California prosecutors filed a lawsuit demanding producers of potato chips and french fries to apply special packaging warning that these products can lead to cancer.

Say 'no' to potato chips!

No matter how much is said about the dangers of junk food, its popularity isn’t falling. There are many reasons. Potato chips and other representatives of a junk food diet are sold everywhere. They are tasty and they are a light snack no matter where you are. For many, the decisive factor is the price of the products which means it is available to almost everyone.

But health… Here two factors are triggered: firstly, unfortunately health is not a priority for everyone, and secondly many people are not aware of the dangers posed by this delicacy. By the way, it is enough to eat a pound of potato chips per day, or 2 kg of potato for the amount of harmful substances in the body to be critically increased.

Doctor of Medical Sciences, corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor Boris Kagan in an interview advised excluding potato chips from the diet (especially children), and feeding the younger generation mostly fruits, vegetables, lean meat, fish, dairy products.

Be healthy!

Today is the time of healthy and successful people. It is great to be fashionable. If you want to live a full life, to be in great shape and feel great, eat well! Follow a diet to eliminate foods that can rightly be called "garbage"; organize your daily menu so that it contains a balanced amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, a full range of vitamins and minerals and other nutrients.

Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, poultry, fish, cottage cheese, milk, herbal teas, juices and other healthy products. Organize your nutrition by using ISIFFitness foods. One of the nutritious drinks with fruit can be for breakfast. At lunch you can eat ISIFFitness soup, adding to the menu with vegetables, lean meat. In the evening, a fruit cocktail will again help to satisfy hunger. And if you want a snack, a healthy ISIFFitness nutrition bar is good for this purpose.

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