The food products designed and made by Bariatrix for ISIFFitness are the ‘gold’ standard of quality, made for people that care about their health and getting balanced meals which is approved by the following certificates: FVS: FR-07.102.001-CE, Ecocer: Biologocal production.

First high-protein, low-carbohydrate nutrition food products were developed by Dr. Dennis Jones, expert in the treatment of weight problems. In 1973 Dr. Dennis Jones developed the existing research of professor Dr. Alan Howard from Cambridge University, who researched a way to create a meal replacement formula that packed in all the nutritional requirements using the least calories, into a patented consumer product. This diet programme later became known as The Cambridge Diet!

Now Dr. Dennis Jones is Vice President of Bariatrix Scientific Affairs.

Ecocer: Biologocal production FVS: FR-07.102.001-CE