ISIFFitness is part of the ISIFGlobal group that was founded in 2008 in Great Britain. The ISIFGlobal Group consists of the following units: ISIFEducation, ISIFBusiness
and ISIFFitness.

We'd like to express gratitude to our first clients and we justly call them Founders of ISIFFitness.

ISIFFitness’s main goal is to help people stay healthy, in shape and retain the energy they need by using a thought-out and balanced approach to food portions.

Our mission is to make health, longevity and energy an integral part of every person’s life by eating healthy food, rich in protein and a complex of vitamins and minerals that
are absolutely essential for productivity. It’s precisely because of this that we chose Bariatrix as our food manufacturer — a company that has been around for 30 years and that
is hailed as one of the best manufactures of healthy foods.

As part of its research and development, Bariatrix takes into account the needs of people that lead different types of lifestyles and those of different age categories. Bariatrix has
a team of renowned biologists and dietitians that work with doctors and specialists in the field of healthy eating and who are constantly carrying out scientific research. All this allows Bariatrix to create the most high-quality food for ISIFFitness that is up to the highest international quality standards.

Today ISIFFitness is pleased and proud to offer you unique food products that are easy to cook and that taste great. You’ll be able to correct your weight, feel great and get the portion sizes you need, which can sometimes be difficult given life’s fast pace.